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Port Terminal Svishtov – Sviloza

Port Terminal Svishtov - Sviloza is situated on the right bank of the Danube, 43° 38’ 45’’ N 025° 18’ 33’’ east longitude – 556th kilometer from the mouth of Danube.

The port quay wall has a length of 110 meters. It is intended for reception and storage of coal used by thermal power stations. Ship handling is performed by the available electrical gantry cranes, equipped with the necessary facilities to carry out the activity. It is worked as in an indirect (trough the stock) and also as in direct embodiment.

Tariffs and prices

Cargo classification Price EUR/ton
ship-car ship-storage storage-car storage-automobile
І. Bulk
1 Coal 1,20 1,10 0,45
2 Other bulk materials 1,75 1,55 0,70
1 Service with a forklift 2,5 т. 15 EUR / initiated hour
2 Service with a bobcart 15 EUR / initiated hour
3 Service with a bulldozer 60 EUR / initiated hour
1 Manoeuvre without crew of vessels with a carrying capacity of up to 2000 tons
- from ship to berth port "Svishtov-Sviloza" 150 EUR
- from the pier at "Svishtov- Sviloza" to the berths 150 EUR
2 Conduct of external services with maneuverable ship 150 EUR / initiated hour
3 Service of non-crew boats with transient crew
Service of non-crew vessels with covers 30 EUR / initiated day
Service of non-crew vessels without covers 15 EUR / initiated
4 Opening and closing of covers of lighters abd sections no matter how many times opening and clossing is required in one day 75 EUR
5 Pontoon fee for vessels, which are "freelancers" for processing pier port operator "TPP Sviloza" 25 EUR / initiated day
6 Shipping fee for self-propelled vessel by loading/unloading 25 EUR / elopment
7 Shipping fee for non-self-propelled vessel by loading/unloading 25 EUR / elopment
8 Корабна такса за съдове без товарене/разтоварване 20 EUR / elopment
9 Boat for control 40 EUR
10 Quay fee for bulk loads 0,20 EUR / ton
11 Quay fee for other loads 0,40 EUR / ton


Valentin Valkov
Head of “Spply, agency and transportation”
Tel.: +359 631 449 26