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Equipment and installations

Steam production

There are 4 steam generating units type ТП-47, produced by Taganrog steam- generator building plant “TKZ Krasny Kotelshcik”, with steam production of 170-220 tons/h, superheated steam pressure 10 MPa and temperature of superheated steam 545°C.

Steam-generating units are assembly type “P”, gravity circulation, monocylindrical, forced draught and liquid slag excretion. Each steam - generating unit is equipped with milling system inclusive of two ball crushers type ШБМ 287/470 with hourly output of 16 tons, two raw bunkers, two powder (intermediary) bunkers. In order to clean the powder of the fume gases 8 electrofilters are mounted, two on every cauldron aggregate.

The projected effect is 99% CBA by good technological state. After purification in the electrofilters, the fume gases from TPP Sviloza AD are disposed via 150 meter tall chimney.

Electricity production

Produced by steam-generating units superheated steam enters the turbine shop, where two turbo sets type ПТ 60-90/13 are installed. The turbines are:

  • Two-cylinder – high pressure cylinder (HPC) and low pressure cylinder (LPC)
  • Two adjustable steam extractions - industrial (from 0.8 to 1.8 MPa; up to 250 tons/h) and heating (from 0.12 to 0.25 MPa; up to 120 tons/h)
  • Five non-adjustable steam extractions that fall in recovery cycle of the turbine.

Electricity generators type ТФВ-60-2, produced by Leningrad production facility “Electrosila”, with 60 MW active output power; full power- 75MVA and operating with rated voltage of 6.3kV hydrogen cooled.

Hot water production

There are two boiler installations for heating in the TPP, respectively on technological and heating water, which do not function since April 2006, but can be put into use if needed.

- Boiler installation N 1 (technological) – assures hot water for technological needs with output temperature of 135 °C and input temperature of 70°C by R being up to 0.7 MPa. Its main installations are: two main boilers (MB); two top boilers (TB), two network pumps (NP) and a summer network pump (SNP).
- Boiler installation N 2 (heating) – assures hot water for heating and household needs with output temperature up to 150°C (depending on the temperature of the external air) and input temperature of 70°C by R being up to 0.7 MPa. Its main installations are: two main boilers (MB); one top boiler (TB) and two network pumps (NP).

Link to the National Electrical Power System

The TPP is connected to the National Electrical Power System via 110kV open-air power distribution system (DS). DS is consisted of two interconnected bus systems. DS includes three 110 kV terminals, which connect TPP with substations: Svishtov (“Shtastlivetsa”), Levski (“Dragomirovo”) and Belene (“Svlioza”). There are two power transformers installed at DS to connect TPP to the energy grid. They are type ТМРПУ 75 000/10 with power of 75 000 kVA.

A main distribution installation 6,3 kV consists of three busbar systems. The installation is connected with DS via transformers 75 000 kVA and 14 terminals leading to the user deck.

Production of special kind of water

The necessary quantity of water is being sucked out of Danube into a Shore pumping station (SPS), equipped with four pumps, each with maximal productivity of 5 400 m3/h. The main purpose of the CWP to “TPP Sviloza” AD is the chemical water purification, in order to reach required by the technological regalement of “TPP Sviloza” parameters.

For main material CWP uses decarbonized water (DW), which is produced after softening by lime decarbonization of the water in unit “Water pad” in Svilotsel EAD.

The productivity of CWP for PDW is 250 tons/h, and for HDW- 200 tons/h. The condensation purification installation in CWP is designed also for chemical purification of the returned from production condensator. The productivity of the condensation-purification installation is 45 tons/h.

Developed infrastructure

The existing infrastructure is well developed and in excellent condition. The plant has rail and road links to the state transport network. Thanks to the private dock a optimal logistic scheme for coal supply from Ukraine and Russia is established.

“TPP Sviloza” AD has well-supported auxiliary installations and facilities that are necessary for its safe and proper functioning: installation for production of hydrogen, sections for ash disposal, storage facilities for solid and liquid fuels, oil farms, pumping station, etc.

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